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Reflexology works on the reflexes found in the feet, as well as the hands or ears as necessary, to bring the whole body into a state of balance. The pressure used is adjusted to the needs and comfort of the client, and most clients find the treatment extremely relaxing - it does not have to be painful to get results! I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists and have also qualified in Precision Reflexology, which links into the client's own energies and can be especially beneficial for hormonal and musculo-skeletal problems. Some common conditions which may be relieved by reflexology include migraines and headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders, neck, shoulder and back pain, and stress-related conditions.

For information about Maternity Reflexology, please click here.

'I started seeing Alison after a traffic accident left me with a very stiff neck and shoulders, and pain down my arm. After just a few treatments my neck was not half as stiff as before, my shoulders were great, and the pain down my arm had completely gone. I see Alison every two weeks, even if I have no aches and pains, as the treatments are so relaxing - it is a wonderful way to take some time out for yourself, plus Alison herself is a lovely lady, and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable immediately'.
~Kim Finch

'Since having regular reflexology with Alison, I have noticed a distinct and very welcome reduction in the frequency of my migraines'.
~Toby Hughes

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Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing treatment originating from Japan, which aims to balance the energy channels of the body. Hands are placed on safety energy locks on the fully clothed client, who will usually find the treatment extremely relaxing. Neck and back problems, sciatica, eczema, stress and emotional issues are some of the conditions which may respond well to treatment with Jin Shin Jyutsu. Every treatment will also include some simple self-help techniques that the client can easily carry out at home, and self-help workshops can also be arranged for those who would like to learn more about this simple art.

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Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga is a soft and flowing form of yoga, designed to release tension in the body and the mind. Classes include activations, unique Energy Block Release sequences, postures and flowing sequences, as well as breathing practices and relaxation. Dynamic flowing movements may lead to inner stillness and peace. These classes are suitable for beginners as well as those who have practised yoga previously. Group classes are available in Wye on Wednesday evenings at 7.45pm, and Thursday mornings at 9.30am. Alison also teaches a class at Etchinghill on Thursday mornings 9.30am. Please contact me for further information, or to book a place.

'I always look forward to Alison's yoga classes. They're fun, calm yet energising and non-competitive. It's not all about the stereotypical photos of yoga poses that you see in the magazines. Dru yoga allows your mind to focus, your body to relax and your posture to improve. I always leave feeling relaxed and positive and I sleep so well!'
~Cathi Jackson

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Mindfulness classes

These yoga-based classes teach simple movements, breathing techniques, postural awareness and how to sit comfortably, relaxation and a range of meditation practices, in standing, seated and lying down positions. Learn to identify and release your stress with simple techniques in class, as well as how to build up a meditation practice at home, together with a growing ability to live in the moment and cut through those busy thoughts to the peace lying beneath them. Whatever is stopping you from developing a meditation practice and mindful awareness, these classes will help!

'I have just finished a 6 week Mindfulness course with Alison. I really enjoyed every class and Alison is an excellent teacher. Alison guides you gently through a sequence of movements and breathing patterns, standing, sitting and lying down.

Alison talks you through meditations to make you aware of your breathing and how your body feels. You learn exercises to use during the week when dealing with any stressful or upsetting situations you may find yourself in. You also learn to appreciate the exact moment you are in, notice your surroundings and how you are feeling.

The classes help you reduce stress and become aware of the present moment.

It is the perfect way to start a Monday morning and you end the hour totally energised and ready to begin your week'.

~ Sharon Batchelor

Back care classes

These yoga classes are designed to both help and prevent back problems, by gently increasing movement and strengthening spinal and core muscles. Each class includes a range of flowing movements and sequences, as well as gentle strengthening postures and a guided relaxation, and can be tailored to individual needs, with handouts and a DVD to help with that all-important home practice. Classes are offered at three levels, offering gentle progression when students are ready to move on. This class could be the ideal introduction to yoga for those suffering with back pain or stiffness, before moving on to a general class. Classes are available in a group and on an individual basis. Next class starting 9th March at 11am.

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Birthlight Prenatal Yoga

These classes aim to foster wellbeing throughout pregnancy as well as preparing for labour, and include gentle flowing sequences, classic yoga postures adapted for pregnancy, breathing techniques and relaxation. There are also opportunities to attend dedicated birth preparation sessions to which partners are invited. To find out more about yoga for pregnancy and birth preparation, click here.

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Birthlight Postnatal Yoga

This is a small group for mums and babies, which aims to tone and strengthen your body after birth, with special attention to core strength and pelvic floor exercises. Classes also include classic yoga postures, breathing and relaxation. This is an informal group, and you are welcome to change and feed your baby as you wish. Click here for further information about yoga for mums and babies.

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