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Corporate Services #01

How can I help your business?

Many businesses today are affected by staff absenteeism, often caused by stress-related conditions. Many people are increasingly turning to natural ways of dealing with stress and other illnesses, including complementary therapies.
When such treatments are made available in the workplace, staff are able to take a little time for themselves, to relax and unwind in the middle of their day, and will often be happier and more productive as a result.

When the costs of recruitment and training are taken into account, it makes sense for companies to seek to improve their staff retention ratios. One way in which this can be done is to look at the concessions available to staff of the company, and the sense of wellbeing - the feeling of being 'looked after' - amongst staff. Complementary therapies and yoga classes in the workplace are one way of fostering this feeling that the company cares about employees as individuals.

Corporate Services #02

How much will this cost your company?

This depends on what level of involvement your company would like in the provision of therapies for staff. One option would simply be to provide a room in which the therapist could treat staff. Staff wishing to access the service would then pay the therapist themselves, and could have appointments in lunch breaks or in work time, depending on company policy.

At the other extreme, the company could choose to fund the entire therapy provision, perhaps for a certain number of treatments, after which the member of staff could have the option to continue treatment but contribute to the cost of the sessions. The other possibility, and one which works well, is for the company to subsidise the cost of treatments, so that both the company and staff themselves pay a proportion of each session. This limits the cost to the company, whilst also giving a competitive price for staff who wish to use the service.

If you would like to discuss how complementary therapies may be used in your company, please contact me by phone or email in the first instance. I have worked within large organisations, both as an employed reflexologist with Boots Wellbeing, and on a self-employed basis for the NHS and Saga Group Ltd.

I am also available to carry out staff training in yoga, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness techniques. This can be done on an ongoing basis, over a set number of weeks, or as a one-off training session.

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