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Hi, I'm Alison Belsom from Sunfish Yoga and Therapy. I have been working in complementary therapy and wellbeing for 23 years. I qualified in reflexology in 1995, closely followed by Jin Shin Jyutsu, and have been lucky enough to have worked with some amazing people over the years, seeing the many, sometimes unexpected, ways these natural treatments can help them, as well as always turning to these therapies to help my family when they're under the weather!

My yoga classes have grown out of my own practice, starting back in 1993 when I used yoga to help me with an episode of illness, and quickly found that I couldn't live without my daily practice once I was fully recovered! I experimented with various styles of yoga, but very soon found that Dru yoga was the right fit for me, with its emphasis on gentle flowing movements, the subtle body and visualisations, and finding the stillness within the movement, like a moving meditation. I was very lucky to train at the Dru yoga centre in Snowdonia, where I made some wonderful friends and trained with brilliant tutors! I continue to practice both yoga and meditation daily, as well as teaching group and individual classes throughout the week, and don't honestly know how I would cope without it!

I am very fortunate to have trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga with the amazing Francoise Freedman of Birthlight. I started my training when I was expecting my son - who's now 14 years old - and it was such a brilliant experience and a wonderful fit with the soft form of yoga I was already practising. I started teaching just one or two ladies in my living room when my son was born, but have been teaching classes in Wye now for many years. Learning to relax and adapt to pregnancy while alleviating aches and pains and preparing for labour can be such an amazing experience, and one which I've been honoured to share with hundreds of women over the past 14 years. There's nothing quite like being told by a new mum that their yoga breathing helped them cope with labour, and enhanced the whole magical experience of childbirth! I have also been lucky enough to teach postnatal yoga classes to groups of mums and their babies since 2007. Those early weeks can be both exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure, and I'm so happy to be able to offer stretching, toning, breathing and relaxation to help the recovery process, with a healthy dose of fun along the way!

Over the past 2 decades I have worked within the corporate setting, including the National Health Service and Boots Wellbeing, as well as running my own practice. I have provided lunchtime reflexology treatments to staff of the Saga Group Ltd. for the past 17 years. I also teach staff relaxation techniques, meditation and mindfulness. I have a Certificate in Education, and have taught reflexology at the Kent School of Holistic Reflexology and North West Kent College. I have also taught postgraduate workshops for other local reflexologists.

I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists, Birthlight and Dru Professional Network, and am continuing to learn every day!

What I'm enjoying right now....

Reading: I have several books I'm part way through reading at the moment, but things have been extremely busy so I'm not getting as much time to read as I'd like!
Studying: In 2017 I completed my facial reflexology training, and hope to add Zone Face Lift training later this year.
Listening to: these days I like a lot of quiet when I'm working at home - and at the studio it's ambient music, so all very peaceful!
Eating and drinking: I've recently started home fermenting - so enjoying lots of new flavours at the moment.

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