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Where are the classes and treatments held?

All Wye classes are held at Sunfish Yoga and Therapy studio at 24 Church Street, Wye, TN25 5BJ. Wye is easily accessible by public transport (bus and train).
The Thursday morning class in Etchinghill is held at Etchinghill Village Hall.

I'm coming by car. Where can I park?

When attending a class or treatment at the studio, please look for parking in Church Street or neighbouring roads. There is also a village car park behind the Co-op, which is just a short walk away.
If you are attending the Etchinghill class, there is ample parking available at the village hall.

I've never done yoga before. Which classes are suitable for me?

Most of our classes are suitable for all levels, from total beginner. Dru yoga is a very accessible form of yoga, which means that you don't need to have tons of experience or be super-bendy to get started! Teachers are experienced in adapting postures to suit individual needs, and you will be asked to complete a medical form before joining a class, so we are aware of any postures that may be contraindicated for you.

I'm interested in joining a Dru yoga class. What should I expect?

Dru yoga classes will always begin with some gentle activations, movements designed to warm up your body ready for the class ahead. In every class you will practice one of the Energy Block Release sequences (EBRs), which are flowing sequences unique to Dru yoga, and which include some classical yoga postures. Each class will have a different focus, so will include a range of specific stretches, postures, and sequences from week to week. Pranayama (breathing awareness and practices) is an integral part of each class, and sometimes we will also practice specific breathing practices, in a seated, standing or lying down position. Every class will conclude with a guided relaxation.

Sounds great. What do I need to bring?

We want you to be able to relax, not stress about getting yourself kitted out with lots of equipment! So everything you'll need for the class is provided for studio classes - from mats, to cushions, bolsters to blankets. Although you are welcome to bring bottled water with you, you can also help yourself to a glass of water in the kitchen. And don't worry about hygiene - all mats are cleaned regularly.

Sorry - if you are attending the Etchinghill class, you will need to bring your own mat, plus any cushions / blankets you'd like to use for the relaxation. If you wish, you can purchase a sticky mat directly - just contact me to find out more.

When can I join a prenatal yoga class?

All our prenatal classes are suitable from 14 weeks right up until the birth of your baby. As classes can get busy it is worth contacting us early to book your space :)

And postnatal long after giving birth to my baby can I join a class?

Although some new mums feel well enough to join a class sooner, most mums will wait until their baby is around 6 weeks, and they have had their 6 week check, before joining a postnatal class. This is particularly important if you had a difficult birth and required stitches or caesarean delivery. Some mums may need to wait a bit longer than this, which is fine :)

My baby likes to be held a lot / feeds frequently / might cry during the class. Can I still come along?

Yes! This is YOUR class - you can stop and feed your baby whenever you need to. Some mums use a sling and do much of the class with their baby in the sling, others may find their baby enjoys lying on their blanket and watching them. We also involve the babies in some of the movements - flying babies is a firm favourite! And as for crying, please don't worry...babies do cry, yours won't be the first!

Do you have a nappy changing area?

We don't have a specific area for nappy changing, but you can lay out your change mat in the studio itself when you need to change your baby's nappy.

Why is the studio a shoe-free zone?

You are asked to remove your shoes on arrival and leave just inside the door, whether you are coming along for a class, a workshop, or a treatment. This is so that the floor and yoga mats remain clean for every client through the day - although the floor will be cleaned at the end of every day. Please remember that the end of your visit may be the start of someone else's - and we aim for a lovely experience for everyone, from our first client of the day through to our last. Nobody wants to see dirty footprints when they're in a forward bend.....

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